Survey First LLC uses a Leica C10 Scanner. Our 3D modeling software includes Cyclone, Cloudworks, and Autocad Civil3D 2012 software. With the Leica Scanner, our crews collect thousands of cloud data points per second with an accuracy of just millimeters. This is the most accurate as-built situation survey in the least amount of time. Once the data is captured, we can complete 3D modeling and help deliver accurate measurements to our clients.

Survey First LLC has extensive training with Leica Scan Station C10 high-definition scan equipment and the Leica Cyclone software and the 3D modeling.

Currently we are seeking new clients and more applications for the scanning services. Survey First LLC provides the service to our engineering clients by integrating it into our existing surveying. This is helping our clients to phase in the 3D product and it is peaking their interest in the growing technology.

To see some of our 3D projects, click HERE. If you have any questions about this technology or how to implement 3D modeling into your next project, please feel free to call us at 317-745-9000.Scanning.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
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